Remote MySQL Access

Remote MySQL Access allows an application located outside your account to access your database. In order for remote MySQL access to work, you need to take the following steps:


You need to request a firewall whitelisting for port 3306 from support via support ticket. Please include in the ticket the IP address of the application location and the domain name to which you wish to provide access.

Please note that in order for this to work, the application location must have a fixed IP address. If the access is from your office, then this means a fixed IP address for your broadband connection.

Submit a support ticket


Once the firewall access is in place, please add the IP also in your cPanel:

  1. Log into your cPanel and go to "Databases -> Remote MySQL" 

    Click on the remote MySQL link in cPanel

  2. Add the IP address as allowed host 

    Add the IP address

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