Checking Disk Space Usage

Your disk space usage is the sum total of all data in your account including emails, databases and files (website).

The server will automatically send disk space warnings at 80%, 90%, 98% and 100% usage to the contact email specified in cPanel under "Preferences -> Update Contact Details".

Checking Disk Space Usage
  1. Log into cPanel. If you are unsure about your login details, please contact support 

  2. On the left hand side, you can see a summary of your current usage 

    Disk Space Usage is shown on left side of cPanel

  3. For details, please go to "Files -> Disk Space Usage" 

    Click on Disk Space Usage in cPanel

  4. Scroll down the page, then expand the folders wit the "+" sign to the left of each folder. This will show exactly where your disk space is being used. 

    Click on the plus symbol to drill down the folders

Commmon Problems

If emails are stored on the server, then these count against your disk space usage. You can reduce the disk usage with the following strategies:

Outlook - If you are using Outlook (with POP3) then you can set it to either delete the emails from the server after download or to delete after X days or to delete when deleted from your Outlook "Deleted Items" folder. To modify the settings, go to "Advanced -> Delivery" under your email account in Outlook. 

Outlook Advanced Delivery Options

POP3 - POP3 is the most common method of accessing your email on the server. Check your mail program if you can set it to delete emails from the server after download.

IMAP - if you are using IMAP, then deleting emails from your mail program's inbox will reduce disk space.


Error log files can build up quickly. Check your folder for "error_log" files. It's safe to delete them via FTP or File Manager in cPanel. When cPanel encounters a new PHP error or warning, it will simply recreate a new (empty) file.


Some websites are configured to track extensive visitor behaviour date which can build up quickly on a busy site. Which tables you can truncate (empty) will depend on your software, so in the first instance please check with your software provider.

Disk space calculations


Please note that PhpMyAdmin and cPanel read the size of the database differently. PhpMyAdmin basically uses the SHOW TABLE STATUS command and uses Data_length and Index_length which is the size of those two files only, while cPanel looks at the database files in their entirety and not just the index/data indexes. To see the accurate size of your db, please therefore use the cPanel "Files -> Disk space usage" log.

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